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Eburu Fence Project

Mau Eburu forest features a broad diversity of both flora and fauna. However, illegal logging and charcoal burning are problems that have critically depleted the forest cover.


Eburu’s wildlife has also been decimated by poaching/bushmeat hunting and human encroachment. The mountain bongo antelope which is now almost extinct was once plentiful here and roamed free within the steep forest slopes. Rhino Ark has made a long-term commitment to address the conservation challenges facing the Eburu ecosystem under a public-private partnership initiative with government agencies Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service, and with key support from the Kenyan corporate sector, including from the M-PESA Foundation and Finlays, among others.


The Eburu project kicked off with a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment in 2012, followed by the start of construction of the electric fence on 20 March 2013. The entire perimeter fence was completed in November 2014. Complementary to the fence, this project is undertaking other initiatives such as raising awareness among the local communities about the need to conserve the forest, reforestation of degraded areas, securing the wildlife corridors between Eburu and the surrounding dispersal areas and support for alternative community livelihood activities.